Your IT problems become our problem

Let ITechmonster keep your IT working for your business. Pay us a Monthly fee and we will stop IT problems before they happen, you will also have unlimited access to our helpdesk from £29.99 per month or pay us on break fix charged per hour so if you need our help give us an call or get in contact with us

The majority of problems will be fixed by our engineers before they happen but in case things do go wrong for you in your working day, you can get in contact with our helpdesk at any point  

Unlimited helpdesk support

A lot of our work can be completed out of hours meaning we will keep your IT systems up and running without interrupting your working day, unless it means work cannot continue.


Out of hours maintenance

To find out how it works , please watch  this video

We also offer a lot of other IT Services.  If it’s technology related we can help, no job too big or small please get in touch with us.