Back in 2008 when we first founded the company today that is now known as itechmonster LTD our founder Martin Rose had a love for IT and anything computer related. He started offering his knowledge and services to people in his local area and over the years, he added more services to his company and brand and a cut a long story, sure, it ended up being what we know today, but we still believe in offering the best IT services possible to both home and business to whether you need regular IT management to keep your business up and running, or have found yourself a problem related to your computer or other IT related equipment e.g tablet or smartphone . You can still get our help, please see below on how you can get our help. Whether your home user or business

Just some of our services we can offer
email solutions for your business @yourdomian (no need to use free email services )
cloud solutions
network upgrades Wi-Fi installations
sale , PC health checks, repairs and upgrades

We fix almost 95% of IT problems for small or large businesses before they happen. We do this with remote support and monitoring software. Some of the best in the industry so you don’t have to worry about IT problems occurring as most of your problems will be fixed by our technicians remotely. We also operate a helpdesk which can be accessed between 8 AM and 8 PM GMT, seven days a week via phone and email, when possible, we try to do all of our work to keep your systems up and running out of your work hours, but of course we are here if you need us during your work hours, or if you do not wish to have this service, you can pay for our services as you go along per hour or sometimes called break-fix in the industry.

We don’t just offer Windows support. We also offer support in Mac and Linux operating systems. So don’t threat we have you covered a matter what operating system you use. We can support your business

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