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We have been building websites since 2009 and have built many types of website for a wide range of different businesses.  All our websites come as mobile and tablet as standard and work on all modern browsers, we also submit your website to all the major Search Engines along with making you a google local listing for free.  We will also help you set up a facebook and twitter page and explain how to get the most out of the platforms to get you more customers.  All our websites come with a contact us page, home page and 3 other pages as standard but because we build our websites using a CMS (Content Management Systems) you can easily add more pages or make any changes whenever you want to.  You also have thousands of plugins to choose from to add more functions to your website but we are always on hand if you need any advice.

why do I need a website today when I can just use social media 

Today more than ever it is more important to have a website of your own over just having a social media page.
The most important reason being you run and own all of the website yourself and you are not having to play by the rules of other platforms. You control your customers and the experience your customers have and as your customer base grows, you won’t need to start having to pay to get your content to your customers. Often many social media pages introduce paywalls so in order to get your content seen you have to pay but of course with your own website you can publish the content for all to see at no extra cost.
Also owning a domain means you have access to be able to make mobile applications.  Most people don’t realise the backbone to a lot of mobile phone technology is website technologies to get the best results for your business you should be using social media as a second option to get customers not the first.

If you need a website built or redesigned please click below on the quote now button and answer the quick questions. Unlike other website design companies you’ll be quite surprised how cheap it is to get a website up and running with us and how easy it is to maintain and manage. Plus our dedicated team are always here to help many small changes or updates you may need going forward in the future.

Also, if you’re looking for an online shop or e-commerce website. Please also check the link below to get a quote